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Landscaping design services
Landscape design services edmonton

Landscape Design

At LCL, we have a landscaping wizard who works magic on our outdoor spaces! Our green-thumbed architect knows just how to create beautiful and functional outdoor areas with features like greenery, pathways, waterworks, and lighting. They're like a superhero of horticulture, combining their powers of design, architecture, and gardening to make our properties shine. We think it's important to have a little bit of nature everywhere, and our landscaping wizard makes that happen.

Interior Design

Our Design Process

Our team of landscape design experts is ready to help bring your outdoor vision to life.


We start with an on-site consultation to gather your ideas and budget.


We'll produce an initial design for your review and include one major revision in the pricing.


We'll then send the design to our trusted contractors for a quote on construction costs.


Once you approve the design and quote, we'll get to work on making your dream yard a reality.


And if you already have a design in mind, just send it our way and we'll make it happen!

Landscaping design process
Landscaping quotes
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